Thermal Fluid Engineering Laboratory (TFE Lab.) in Keio University is promoting researches from fundamentals to applications, for understanding various phenomena of thermal fluids from microscopic (molecule) to macroscopic (continuum) regimes, and pioneering methodologies of system design engineering. The research aims to reveal various thermal fluid phenomena by developing methods of laser based measurement and molecular dynamics simulation, and realize novel applications in the fields of biology, medical diagnosis, energy and environments.

Sato Laboratory
We focus on the dynamic behaviour of water molecules and ions in electrolyte solution, which are investigated by our original techniques based on Raman microspectroscopy and Raman imaging. Especially the interfacial influence on the hydrogen bonding of water molecules is measured by the evanescent wave.

Kazoe Laboratory
We promote researches on nanofluidics exploiting 10-100 nm spaces for next generation chemical, biological and medical devices such as ultrahigh-sensitive diagnosis and ultraprecise chemical synthesis. Based on our super-resolution measurement techniques of nanometer-spatial resolution, we are investigating fluid flows and single-molecules transport phenomena in ultrasmall spaces much smaller than single cell, and developing advanced methods to control these phenomena.

Yamamoto Laboratory
The theme of work in our group is to investigate the structure and dynamics of soft matter such as biological membranes, proteins, colloids, and polymers. By using multi scale molecular dynamics simulations, physical models, and experiments, we study the hierarchical order structure and dynamical heterogeneity across nano and micro scales resulting from microscopic fluctuation.
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